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~Creating Your Home Practice Space~

Are you ready to design and create your home practice space? As much as you would most likely love to 'just get it done', how about being able to relax and take your time piecing together this humble space of growth, gratitude, and peace?

Step 1: Take a breath!

It can be overwhelming moving, shifting, and creating space in your home. Try creating an intention which will be fairly easy to accomplish such as, 'Today, I will locate my yoga mat and props for my home practice space.'

Step 2: Choose your space

Truly the only space you need is enough room to lay your yoga mat. I've lived in tiny apartments where the space available to practice was in the kitchen. Do not be discouraged! The beauty of Yoga is that it can happen any where and at any time.

Step 3: Set up your yoga space

If the space you have chosen allows, add a small table or side table for an altar. Altars typically carry items with special intentions or meanings which act as reminders during your practice. Mala beads, photos, quotes, stones, flowers, scultpures, essential oils, incense, palo santo, anything which holds a meaning to you can absolutely be placed upon your altar. Add pictures, posters, plants, and areas to store equipment for easy access.

Step 4: Enjoy!

You've taken the time to create and design your home practice space. Now, take time to enjoy your efforts!


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