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3 Quick Tips to Ground & Center Your Self

Below are three quick and easy methods to re-center and re-ground your body, mind, and spirit. 1.) FEEL the objects around you. Taking a few moments to feel the stability under and around you can make a huge difference. Stop and take a seat or lie down where ever you are able to comfortably. Take one inhalation and one exhalation. Do this two more times, each time making the exhale longer and slower. Close your eyes or keep them open, do what feels good for you in this moment. Now, begin to feel the surface upon which you are seated. Notice how this surface feels to you and start to root deeply into this surface. Let it hold you completely. Then bring awareness to the other parts of your body that are touching something. Your thighs, ankles, or feet. Notice what your arms, wrists, and hands are touching. If they are not touching anything, try to feel the open space around that body part. Grow more roots through the parts of you that are in contact with a surface. Take three more inhalations and exhalations. Each time, making your exhale longer and slower. 2.) BREATHE: 10- breaths This is one of my favorite methods! It can be practiced literally any time and any where and quickly brings you back into the present moment. Whether you are standing, walking, running, sitting, or lying down- just breathe in and say to yourself mentally, "breathing in, 1". Then breathe out, mentally forming the words, "breathing out, 1". Continue at your own pace until you get to, "breathing in, 10. Breathing out, 10". Take your time, as this is not a race. There is no reward for completing as quickly as you can. Try to slowly extend the length of your breaths each round. If you lose count on your breaths, which most may happen, do not worry. Just begin with the count of 1 again and continue until you get to 10 or simply stop when you are feeling more grounded and centered in the moment. 3.) GRATITUDE practice It may sound over-played, but finding gratitude may just be what is needed to ground and center. Yogic teachings tell us that most of our suffering is caused by aversion. Aversion takes us away from the present moment by wanting to be somewhere else all of the time. If we are able to be okay with where we are, right here and right now, gratitude can happen. Once gratitude is felt, most often we are able to find peace in the present moment. From standing, a seated, or lying down, take one breath in and out. Take two more breaths, making each exhale longer and slower. In your mind, state one thing you are grateful for and the answer will come naturally. For example: You could be grateful for simply being alive, today. Continue to breathe and state more things, circumstances, people, pets, whatever you truly feel gratitude for.

No matter which method you choose today- try to finish your grounding and centering practice with a slight upturning of the corners of your lips. We call this a smile. :)

Sending you light and love, Shelley Dickerson


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